Thursday, January 21, 2021


Today feels like the day after Christmas. Gifts received (oh, that inauguration!), poetry project complete — and a few extra hours added back into my evenings!

Good stuff this week. But, like all transitions, it can leave us feeling a tad lopsided, a little “at odds” with our changing world. Good stress is still stress, after all.

After putting out a poem a day for 1,462 days straight (of varying quality to be sure, but I always gave it all I had on any given day), my creative spirit needs some R&R. Time to refill the well. 

This is absolutely a first-world problem, and I am SO THANKFUL for the reason why I am able take this break. But know? They always feel kinda sucky. 

So, I’ve decided this is NOT an ending, though I have no idea yet what the next steps will look like. (A book, perhaps? Maybe some knitting content? And regular poetry posts, too...)

Meanwhile I’m trying to be gentle with myself and allow time to process the end of a project that meant — and gave — so much to me.  

And, of course, reveling in the luxury of hope, which has been sadly missing for a while, now. Care to join me? 💖

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

And all is well (Day 1462)

we filled the streets 

and all is well  

we remain divided 

and united 

in hope   we came     

together   to start 

afresh   this world   

our one good thing   

which may lead 

to another   gazing

now   at each other  

uncertain   knowing 

we must not stay 

where we have been

listening for the bells   

and weeping

tears of joy   of dread 

understanding neither

what our neighbors 

feel   nor what they say

how can we   when we 

are numb    numb 

and smiling    smiling 

foolishly at one another

no words for what 

we have yet to experience 

shedding our fear   

restoring   healing   

we purify ourselves 

in possibility   then 

quietly cloak our joy 

in dignity   preparing 

again   to stand

in the name of justice 


too many   too long


prepared to struggle 

and sigh   protest and pray   

to retreat into apathy   

sicken and fall 

away from the fray  


when we surrender 

our ferocity   


and we must not fail   

and we must love   

and may it be ours

how could bitterness 


a glimpse 

of such tenderness

and just like that   

we are awake 

a four-year nightmare 

over   still   too real

© 2021 by Hannah Six

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Dissolving (Day 1461)

truth and justice demanded

voice again   again   starved 

for a language of our own   

we   nevertheless   offered all 

we had   frozen with fear   

no means to measure this 

sweet-bitter story   these 

languid   shattered years   

dissolving   in despair   in joy   

the world we knew   

a single thread of pale sand   

rippling   glistening   end to end   

on which we   trying 

to chart a new way home   

imagine forgotten tapestries   

and trace unwritten poems


© 2021 by Hannah Six

Monday, January 18, 2021

More/less (Day 1460; Pandemic series #12)

1 year + 2 million deaths 

later   more/less   this 

new  unchanged world

< maskless   but too 

many   culling their own 

herd   some muttered   

& invisible tides of all 

we lost ebbed & surged      

subtle   toxic   we grew 

resigned to altered aisles   

recently   furtively

rearranged to conceal 

steel shelves stocked w/

lack  & ugly plastic 

bottles promising protection  

we certainly needed it

after the unthinkable   

undoable   unspeakable   

which had been said 

& done for 1,462 days


1 year + 2 million deaths 

later   a blue spark flickered 

curiously   could it be   

& wondering   itself 

a miracle   redemption or 

reprieve   deserved   after all   

had we not   at last  

succeeded in excising 1 

singularly pernicious affliction

(c) 2021 by Hannah Six

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Uncertain (Day 1458)

day turns to rain

as you walk home   hair 

tight against your skull  

a plastic scarf and

several coats of spray

it will last   you 

do not   uncertain 

in your ivory   pearl-adorned 

protect yourself 

as well    you do not 

know how it will crack 

when you remove the tie 

binding the end   

silver drizzle of a promise   

fragile lace 

that feels like home   


as a perfect golden ring   

© 2021 by Hannah Six

Friday, January 15, 2021

Bound and blinded (Day 1457)

Even now   bound and blinded 

as we are   now   tired as we are  

even now   dark-winged demands  

and duty   too   backlit against the sky  

cry harshly for their share   and now

I see you   flushed as apricots  

furtive as a fox   crossing a paved road

in full autumn sun   turning 

at my call   was that surprise 

or dread   each in their measure   even

now   silence begs reply   though

you cannot   how duty and demands

cleave and divide   so grim  your smile

for such a gentle child   

others may long to fight  to prove   

to act   but have no script save history  

and we will not make war upon 

those lonesome ghosts   whose shadows 

dim our woods   rivers   and fields   

yet   have we not been   

these past four years (and more)  

surviving   just   this enmity  this dread   

wings beating   backlit against 

a pure white sky   we blink   you vanish 

once   now   and for all   bound 

and blinded   in your own way   alone   

© 2021 by Hannah Six